Meadowbank Day Service provides a support service for young people and adults alike who have learning disabilities of differing degrees.


We are based at Court Gardens Farm, Nynehead, Wellington TA21 0BN which is set in the most beautiful countryside surroundings where people can feel safe and secure whilst at the same time enjoying the freedom the cottage and gardens have to offer.


The people we support are encouraged to see the Farm as theirs and to be an integral part of its evolution. They decide how to take the Service forward and we are currently in the process of re-establishing the fruit, vegetable and flower gardens contained in the Walled Garden. We are also working on a Sensory Garden and Recycle Garden.


Our animal stock consists of rabbits, chickens and sheep and hands-on experience of animal husbandry is offered.


Our Service encourages partnership working and community involvement and we work closely with Nynehead Court. We also give the people we support the chance to work with a local photographer who will be available to offer basic photographic instruction for anyone interested in photography. We also work with a local Artist who is available for anyone wanting to try their hand at drawing and painting, and there are lots of arts and crafts on offer as well.


Work experience is an important aspect for the people we support and we are currently working with a local Garden Centre where we provide experience of working with their pet chickens and pig and generally interacting with the staff and visitors at the Garden Centre. We also undertake work experience on a livestock farm on the outskirts of Taunton.


Our aim is to provide a unique variation on an established concept, ie person-centred support to improve quality of life, develop new life skills and encourage healthy living.


We welcome visits to the Farm and please feel free to call us on 07715210921 and we look forward to hearing from you.